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First off, I want to say thank you for making the smart decision to invest in Storemerce.

Just that one action you’ve made today is the beginning of putting the odds of success in your favor.

Now I know you’re super anxious to get started with Storemerce, but before you do, I want to ask you a question:

“How do you plan to source products you can sell for a decent profit?”

“And do you have a way of automating most if not all of the process?”

If your answer is no, or you would just like a way to get up and running quickly so you can profit as fast as possible with Storemerce, then I’ve got the perfect solution for you today...

Presenting Automated Dropshipping Machine!

I can’t even begin to say how awesome Automated Dropshipping Machine is. It basically takes the guesswork out of profiting with dropshipping without you having to jump through a ton of hoops.

Because me and my team do a lot in the ecom space, we’re always looking to streamline our processes and automate as much as we possibly can. It’s for this reason that I was able to generate over seven figures in only 8 months with ecom.

And today, I would like to share one of my best tools with you that can help you succeed with ecom WITHOUT the need to have your own product or tons of inventory that cost a ton of money out of pocket.

Let’s dig in and see what’s all included!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Commercial License Included Without Upgrading To The Pro Level

Normal Price: $497/Year

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Take A Look At These Incredible Features
Included With Automated Dropshipping Machine!

AliExpress USA Warehouse Sorting - Get Quality Products You Can Sell Quickly

While there are some who give AliExpress a bad rap, we’ve found that if you stick to their USA warehouse, the results can be incredible!

So because of that, we’ve designed this feature to help you quickly find the best of the best in their USA facility. This way you can avoid substandard products as well as any shipping issues. This will also allow you to offer quality products faster so you can get into profit as quickly as possible.

Fast Product Importing With Just A Click of Your Mouse

Not only will Automated Dropshipping Machine allow you to sort only the best quality products from AliExpress’s USA facility, but you can also quickly import those products directly to your store too!

It’s as simple as doing a search on AliExpress and importing from the search results or the product’s page.

And with just a single click of your mouse you can import everything about the product including:

  • Image
  • Description
  • Meta tags
  • Price
  • Attributes (size, color, etc)
  • And even the reviews!

Product Customization & Editing Made Simple

You will also have the option to edit the product information (along with images) from any product you import from the AliExpress website before importing to your store.This way you can truly make the product your own and make it look unique in your own store so you stand out from the crowd!

Automated Inventory Update - Saves You A Ton of Time!

This will help you avoid one of the biggest drop shipping challenges which is tracking supplier inventory. Because nothing is worse with dropshipping when you sell a bunch of items only to find that the supplier doesn’t have them in stock.

This results in a ton of refunds and angry customers. Not to mention merchant problems too!

But when you combine this feature with Stormerce, the inventory on your store will correspond with the supplier’s inventory in real time. That means that once the product is out of stock at the supplier, it will also be out of stock on your store.

And all of this happens in the background without any manual input from you.

Automated Price Update - Never Take A Loss On Your Profits

If the supplier ever changes their pricing for any of the items you’re offering on your store, your prices will automatically change as well. This is definitely a game changer as you’ll never sacrifice profits or lose out on margins.

Just set your parameters and as the prices for the supplier fluctuates, your prices on your store will do the same without you having to do the tedious manual work yourself!

Plus, this way you’ll never have to come out of pocket in case the price you’re charging the customer is lower than what the supplier is asking for.

This alone is reason to get Automated Dropshipping Machine today.

Automated Pricing Rule Customization Parameters

With Automated Dropshipping Machine, you really are in control of how much you make per sale. There’s no leveraging from the supplier to get you to bend to their rules and you won’t have to constantly wonder if your store is in the red or the black every month.

With this feature added to Stormerce, the app will automatically calculate your price using preset rules relative to the price of the supplier.

(Example: you can set a rule to add an extra 50% on the price you are getting from the supplier and Storemerce will mark that up for you automatically without any manual work on your part.)

Easy Order Processing At Your Fingertips...Literally!

Once you’ve had someone order through your store, the next step is making sure they get what they ordered and you process that through the supplier.

This is another place that Storemerce shines. You can process the order for every single product you dropship with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This way you can get in, get done, and get on with your day.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Commercial License Included Without Upgrading To The Pro Level

Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

HURRY! Special Launch Offer Ending Soon...

And How About I Sweeten The Deal With A Few Extra Bonuses As Well?

I know you’re already getting a ton of great bonuses with your Storemerce purchase today.  But I really want to over deliver and that’s why I’m going to include these special bonuses with your investment in Automated Dropshipping Machine today as well.It’s the perfect enhancement for your purchase today…

BONUS #1: Hands free Drop shipping training 

While Automated Dropshipping Machine gives you all the power you need to succeed with dropshipping, I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain when it comes to how me and my team regularly pulls six figures from our ecom stores.This training could be sold on its own for at least $997, but I’m including it at no extra charge when you sign up for Automated Dropshipping Machine today.

BONUS #2: DFY Mobile App for your new store.

I’m going to also go above and beyond and give you your own personal app that people can download on their devices and order your products.This normally can cost you $500-$2,000 to get developed on your own.  But I’ll have my personal team of developers hand craft your personal app that takes advantage of mobile shopping traffic with no extra out of pocket expense for you.

Here’s Why This Upgrade Makes Perfect Sense
To Snatch RIGHT NOW!

You’re already starting the process of building momentum towards a healthy income with Storemerce.  But why stop there when Automated Dropshipping Machines is the perfect compliment to start getting results as quickly as possible?

And that’s without:

  • Purchasing tons of inventory you might not ever sell
  • Making customers upset because your suppliers ran out of stock
  • Having to constantly monitor prices from your suppliers
  • Having to constantly make up to the minute changes on your site for prices, or worse...lose out on your profit margins.

In short, if Storemerce married the dropshipping industry, the baby would be named Automated Dropshipping Machine.

It’s everything an aspiring and veteran dropshipper (as well as ecom owner) could wish for, but without the hefty price tag!

But even after all of that...just in case you’re still on the fence…

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Commercial License Included Without Upgrading To The Pro Level

Normal Price: $264/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee


You’re Still Covered By The No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee Ok?

Just to be clear, I’ll still honor the guarantee 30 days from your purchase. If for any reason you don’t feel that Automated Dropshipping Machine lives up to the hype and me and my team can’t help you with your issues, just email me for a quick refund and I’ll get you all taken care of asap.

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Commercial License Included Without Upgrading To The Pro Level

Commercial License


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